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Director/ Principle Details

ID (Drivers Licence) required for each individual of Partnerships/ Sole Trader/ Individual Trustee of Trusts - Please attach a photocopy of each applicant.

I/ we declare the above facts to be true in every respect and apply to open a 30 day Trade Credit Account with Durofast for approximately $ per month and 1/ we agree to abide by Durofast’s Terms and Conditions of Sale as attached. Should a Credit Limit be granted, I/we undertake to settle the account strictly within 30 days from the end of the month of purchase. If the Applicant is a company, I/we warrant that I/we am/ are duly authorised to act on behalf of the Applicant, and further understand and agree that by signing below I/we will be personally bound by these terms and conditions and guarantee any debts or other amounts owed by the Applicant to Durofast.

Applicant Agreement (all applicants to sign - copy page if required)

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