Durofast carries a comprehensive range of AU approved HVAC duct supplies designed to optimise productivity and efficiency in commercial duct manufacturing. Our inventory is always well-stocked with air conditioning ducting supplies such as pipes and fittings, tubing accessories and anti-vibration hardware. We’ve carefully selected the products for their material, quality and effectiveness. All of our solutions deliver significant HVAC efficiency by preserving air quality, reducing leaks and improving the durability of the duct work.

Strategically located in Maddington, we ensure fast and efficient deliveries to your chosen location in Western Australia, we’ll get it straight to your job site. We regularly stock up on our products so you’re always able to promptly service your customers with high quality duct solutions. We also offer tailored packages of our cooling and heating duct supplies to suit the unique requirements of any project.

If you need more information about our products and their specifications, you can contact our sales team here. We have an in-house team of technical advisors who can offer expert advice and guide you through your selection process.