Access Door Hardware


Our 'Access Door Hardware' range includes multiple Hinges, as well as a Two-Part Locking System which includes the Strike, Sash, and Turn-Knob.

Access Doors are designed to provide access for maintenance of air conditioning services within roof spaces and ceilings.


  • Multiple Hinges available
  • Two-Part Locking System available
  • Ideal for use when securing access doors for roof & ceiling spaces


Product CodeSizeDetailsUnit PriceBox QtySelect Box/es  
11BH9192550 x 38 x 1.2mmButt Hinge Steel Fixed Pin $2.35000 1
11CHG321.21800 x 32 x 1.2mmContinuous Hinge $29.30000 1
11STSash Turn & Strike $3.60000 1