Diamond Dry Core Drill Adaptor



Our SDS Adaptors for our diamond core drill are available in either a pack or individually, and provide a handy little extension to the length of the drill.  Here at Durofast, we supply our universal dry diamond core drill in all popular plumbing sizes.  The drill's slotted barrel provides efficient dust clearing and the drilled core is easily removed.  This drill is ideal for brick and block work such as; medium to soft bricks, concrete blocks(both lightweight and dense) plus abrasive concrete products.  These drills are occasionally used in harder materials such as engineering bricks and clay products.


  • Adaptor available in a pack or individually
  • Creats additional length when used with our Diamond dry core drill
  • Drill available in a multitude of sizes
Product CodeDetailsUnit PriceBox QtySelect Box/es  
8DAD02SDS Adaptor Pack $95.90000 1
8DAD06SDS Adaptor $61.05000 1