Dome Head Open Stainless Rivet Stainless Stem (STST) Grade 304 Material



Our Hollow Blind, Open-End Rivets are pre-assembled onto a headed pin or mandrel and when set, they resemble conventional tubular rivets. Unlike tubular rivets, however, the mandrel head is retained within the body of the rivet.  We stock a variety of lengths, suitable for material thicknesses up to 26mm, and also have break-head mandrels in most sizes.  These Open-End Rivets are strong, low-cost fastenings suitable for most industrial rivet applications where materials to be fastened do not have high load-bearing requirements.  The nickel-copper and stainless steel rivets are particularly well suited for marine and other corrosive atmospheres.


  • Available in range of diameters
  • Available in range of lengths suitable for material thicknesses up to 26mm
  • Countersunk (120°) heads available
  • Break-head mandrels available in most sizes
  • Large-flange rivets, giving wide load spread
  • Available in aluminium alloy & nickel-copper alloy
  • Nickel-copper & stainless steel rivets particularly suited for marine & other corrosive atmospheres
  • Strong, low-cost fastenings
  • Suitable for most industrial riveting applications where high load-bearing is not required


Product CodeSizeMax Fixture ThicknessUnit PriceBox QtySelect Box/es  
2STST4-23.2 x 6.4mm3.2mm $0.32250 1000
2STST4-33.2 x 8.0mm4.8mm $0.36500 1000
2STST4-43.2 x 9.8mm6.4mm $0.37250 1000
2STST4-63.2 x 12.7mm9.5mm $0.49250 1000
2STST4-83.2 x 16.5mm12.7mm $0.61500 1000