Flat Washer Round Metric Steel Galvanised



Flat Washers are used under a nut to minimise surface damage when tightening, as well as evenly distributing the load which will prevent the nut from pulling into soft materials.  Our Round Metric Steel Galvanised Flat Washers come in a variety of sizes and are galvanised for additional corrosion protection


  • Used in conjunction with nuts to prevent damage
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Galvanised for additional corrosion protection


Product CodeInternal DiameterOutside DiameterUnit PriceBox QtySelect Box/es  
6WRMCG06016.21M616mm $0.14380 100
6WRMCG08021M821mm $0.26250 100
6WRMCG10024M1024mm $0.31250 500
6WRMCG12028M1228mm $0.48750 200
6WRMCG16034M1634mm $0.72500 100
6WRMCG20039M2039mm $0.95000 100
6WRMCG24050M2450mm $2.25000 100
6WRMCG30060M3060mm $3.50000 100