Silicone Spray Lubricant Aerosol


Here at Durofast we pride ourselves on being the go-to Perth supplier for all your Soudal needs.  Soudal's phenomenal Silicone Spray is perfect for a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to; reducing friction and wear on mechanical parts, lubrication of metals, plastics & rubbers, preventing dirt and grease deposits, creating a water-repellent layer to protect electric wiring on cars, engines etc, and providing a glossy finish on plastics and rubber.

Our Silicone Spray is a water-repellent, rust and corrosion-resistant, electric insulating, reduces friction and wear, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The real kicker with Soudal's Silicone Spray is in the nozzle of the aerosol can – this bad boy can be used on ANY angle, 360°!


  • Lubricates
  • Reduces friction & wear
  • Rust & corrosion-resistant
  • Water-repellent
  • Electric insulating
  • Suitable for a range of applications
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Aerosol can can be used on any angle
  • Supplied in a 400ml aerosol can


Product CodeSizeUnit PriceBox QtySelect Box/es  
10LH4000-0.3300gm Aerosol Can $12.88000 1