Mungo® MN Nylon Plug



Our MN General Purpose Nylon Plugs are suitable for use in most kinds of building materials and are suitable for both internal and external use.

The MN plugs are compatible with wood screws, chipboard screws and metric screws, are made from high-quality polyamine PA6, and are ideal for use in concrete, natural stone, brick, sandstone, and gypsum.


  • Suitable for both internal & external use
  • Compatible with wood, chipboard & metric screws
  • High-quality polyamine PA6 make-up
  • Ideal for use in concrete, natural stone, brick, sandstone & gypsum
  • Multiple sizes available


Relevant Trades; electrical, joining, fitting, plumbing, window fitting, plastering, carpentry, HVAC installation, shop fitting, cabinet making



Product CodeSizeScrew DiameterUnit PriceBox QtySelect Box/es  
1MN044 x 20mm2.2-3mm $0.11510 100
1MN055 x 25mm2.6-4mm $0.12920 100
1MN066 x 30mm3.5-5mm $0.16190 100
1MN077 x 35mm4.5-5mm $0.23010 100
1MN088 x 40mm4.5-6mm $0.25160 100
1MN1010 x 50mm6-8mm $0.49640 100
1MN1212 x 60mm8-10mm $0.80550 100
1MN1414 x 70mm10-12mm $1.56590 100
1MN1616 x 80mm12-14mm $3.37820 100
1MN2020 x 90mm14-16mm $7.13330 100