Needle Point Screw Pan Head Phillips® Drive Fine Thread Zinc Yellow/Zinc Silver Plated



Our Needle Point Pan Head Screw is designed with a round head with a flat underside, which is fully threaded for accurate clamping. It also features a sharp needle type point which is capable of self-drilling and fixing through light gauge metal up to 0.6mm, without pre-drilling.

This screw is designed for applications fixing against metal surfaces, and accurately clamps electrical fittings.  It is Yellow/Zinc Silver Plated, and features a Phillips® drive.


  • Needle point
  • Pan head
  • Phillips® drive
  • Fine thread
  • Zinc/yellow silver plated
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Ideal for fixing against metal surfaces
Product CodeSizeDriveUnit PriceSelect Box/es  
3NPFY060126-18 x 12mmNo.2 $0.02884
3NPFY060206-18 x 20mmNo.2 $0.03176
3NPFY060306-18 x 30mmNo.2 $0.03232
3NPFY060406-18 x 40mmNo.2 $0.05272
3NPFY060506-18 x 50mmNo.2 $0.07000
3NPFY070127-16 x 12mmNo.2 $0.02648
3NPFY070207-16 x 20mmNo.2 $0.03200
3NPFY070257-16 x 25mmNo.2 $0.04832
3NPFY070307-16 x 30mmNo.2 $0.05268
3NPFY070407-16 x 40mmNo.2 $0.07008
3NPFY070507-16 x 50mmNo.2 $0.08132
3NPFZ080108-16 x 10mmNo.2 $0.04240