Perforated Cable Tray


Our Perforated Cable Tray (also sometimes referred to as Cable Basket, or Basket Tray), comes in a range of different sizes, is considered a light duty support, and is ideal for securely support cables and raceways.  Our Cable Tray's perforations allow for maximum airflow around the cables, and also aid in the securing of Cable (Zip, Spigot) Ties.


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Perforations provide maximum airflow
  • Used to secure & support cables


Product CodeSizeUnit PriceSelect Box/es  
11DAPT07575 x 2.4mtr $17.25000
11DAPT100100 x 2.4mtr $22.25000
11DAPT150150 x 2.4mtr $27.25000
11DAPT230230 x 2.4mtr $31.25000
11DAPT300300 x 2.4mtr $43.12000
11DAPT450450 x 2.4mtr $52.47000
11DAPT600600 x 2.4mtr $66.12000