Self-Drilling Screw Washer Face Hexagon Head Part Thread Class 4 + Neo Washer



Our Hex Head Self-Drilling Class 4 Screw features a Washer Face which aids in evenly distributing the load under the head face and has more uniform bearing stress to clamp-force ratio.  This screw is designed to minimise indentation of the head into the material being fastened together and is partially threaded, which are suggested to compress the assembly together.  The integral washer recess is to accommodate a resilient, watertight, neoprene sealing washer if required, and these Screws feature a type 17 self-drilling point which will self-drill and thread without the need for pre-drilling into timber and sheetmetal, and has a slot at the end which forms a cutting edge to reduce splitting timber.  This Screw set comes with a Neo Washer for your convenience.

  • Hex head
  • Class 4
  • Self-drilling
  • Part thread
  • Washer face
  • Neo Washer included
Product CodeSizeDriveUnit PriceBox QtySelect Box/es  
3DHC5C4N1205512-14 x 55mm5/16� Hex $0.34570 1000
3DHC5C4N1206512-14 x 65mm5/16� Hex $0.35800 1000