Sleeve Anchor Hex Flush Head Carbon Steel Yellow Passivated



Our Yellow Passivated Sleeve Anchor is a pre-assembled single unit general purpose anchor, available with a Hex Flush Head.  Our Sleeve Anchor Component Set is the same size as the hole which eliminates layout or hole-spotting.  To install precision stamped tubular expansion sleeves are assembled over the bolt and butted against the tapered nut at the bottom of the bolt, then as the anchor is tightened, the specially tapered nut is drawn into the expansion sleeve to develop a locking action against the walls of the hole. 


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Yellow zinc passivated
  • Hex flush head
  • Medium duty expansion anchor
  • Eliminates layout/hole-spotting



Product CodeSizeMax Fixture ThicknessUnit PriceSelect Box/es  
1FHSY080458 x 45mm10mm $2.58690
1FHSY080908 x 90mm55mm $3.96950
1FHSY1005510 x 55mm15mm $3.27910
1FHSY1008010 x 80mm40mm $3.92630
1FHSY1010010 x 100mm60mm $5.19290
1FHSY1208012 x 80mm30mm $5.15310
1FHSY1607516 x 75mm15mm $6.38000