Soudabond Easy Foam Genius Gun 750ML


It's nothing but the very best for our customers here at Durofast, which is why we stock Soudabond Easy PU Adhesive Foam for all your insulating gap filling needs.  Soudal's Easy PU Adhesive Foam features a specially designed patented trigger mechanism ('genius gun') which ensures precise dosage and eliminates the need for an additional gun.  

The Foam is easy to use, re-usable up to 4 weeks, and and is a fast curing hand held PU Adhesive featuring strong bonding performance.  This Adhesive foams up to allow filling and insulation of gaps, cracks, joints and cavities.


  • Specially designed patented trigger mechanism
  • Re-usable up to 4 weeks
  • Easy to use, can be operated with one hand
  • 30% faster installation
  • Excellent coverage
  • Fast curing


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10SSEGG750ML $21.50000 1