Suspension Anchor Carbon Steel Yellow Passivated



Suspension Sleeve Anchors are single unit preassembled torque controlled sleeve anchors that incorporate a medium duty suspension head. The specially designed head is ideal for the attachment of cable ties or suspension support wires for suspended ceiling installation.

Our Suspension Sleeve Anchors are available with an Eye Bolt suitable for tie-down applications, a Hook Bolt suitable for hanging applications, or a Suspension Sleeve end suitable for ceiling and partitioning applications.


  • Multiple variants available
  • Yellow passivated
  • Carbon steel


Product CodeSizeEmbedment DepthUnit PriceSelect Box/es  
1EBY080458 x 45mm Eye Bolt45mm $2.29260
1HBY080458 x 45mm Hook Bolt45mm $3.53750
1SUSY06.50356.5 x 35mm Sleeve Anchor35mm $1.69570
1TWTBY060606 x 60mm Tie Wire40mm $1.52940
1TWTBY061206 x 120mm Tie Wire35mm $3.23680