Through Bolt Carbon Steel Galvanised



Through Bolts are a single unit pre-assembled wedge type anchor, consisting of a nut, washer, and threaded bolt with a precision formed tapered mandrel and a spring steel expansion collar. Through Bolts provide torque controlled setting which when tightened draw the tapered mandrel into the spring steel collar which generates controlled expansion against the walls of the hole. 


  • Multitude of sizes available
  • Galvanised finish
Product CodeSizeMax Fixture ThicknessEmbedment DepthUnit PriceBox QtySelect Box/es  
1PTBG1009010 x 90mm17mm60mm $3.28470 100
1PTBG1012010 x 120 mm47mm60mm $3.82890 100
1PTBG1208012 x 80mm5mm60mm $5.93350 100
1PTBG1210012 x 100mm25mm60mm $6.08550 100
1PTBG1214012 x 140mm45mm80mm $7.33340 100
1PTBG1610516 x 105mm5mm80mm $9.88950 100
1PTBG1614016 x 140mm20mm100mm $10.10000 100
1PTBG1619016 x 190mm70mm100mm $12.80000 100
1PTBG2012520 x 125mm5mm100mm $17.70000 100
1PTBG2016020 x 160mm20mm120mm $21.70000 100
1PTBG2020020 x 200mm60mm120mm $19.60000 100