Type 17 Screw Washer Face Hexagon Head Full Thread Class 4



We stock Type 17 Hex Head Screws pre-assembled with Washers in a variety of sizes.  The purpose of the Washer is to evenly distribute the load under the head face, and offer a more uniform bearing-stress to clamp-force ratio, as well as minimise the indentation of the head into the material being fastened.  This Screw also features a Full Thread, which is designed for use where grip strength is more critical such as thin sheet metal applications.

The integral washer recess is designed to accommodate a resilient, watertight, neoprene sealing washer if required.  The Type 17 self-drilling point removes the need to pre-drill, and the slot at the end forms a cutting edge which reduces the chance of splitting.  This Screw will also penetrate thin sheet metal if required.  


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Full thread
  • Class 4
  • Hex head
  • Washer included
  • No pre-drilling required


Product CodeSizeDriveUnit PriceBox QtySelect Box/es  
3THU9C41002510-12 x 25mm5/16� Hex $0.08547 1000
3THU9C41003010-12 x 30mm5/16� Hex $0.12505 1000
3THU9C41202512-11 x 25mm5/16� Hex $0.05295 1000
3THU9C41402514-10 x 25mm3/8� Hex $0.30480 1000